Pretty in Pink Brunch: An Honor to Breast Cancer Patients

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The Pink List is an organization that advocates, raise awareness, and provides financial assistance for breast cancer patients. The founder Bree Bettis started the organization with the intent to serve the breast cancer community in honor of her grandmother.

“I started The Pink List to help those around me. My grandma is a breast cancer survivor. Luckily, she was fortunate to complete her treatments without any complications. However, that isn’t the case for a lot of families that I know. The financial burden that breast cancer treatments bring to a family is unfair, and I wanted to help in the best way I could”, Bettis said.

Bettis wanted to host an event not only to raise awareness for The Pink List, but she also wanted to simply honor a family who lost their mother to breast cancer recently. The Pretty in Pink Brunch was a celebration of life with women and it also provided information for breast cancer prevention.

“I wanted to do a few things with the Pretty in Pink Brunch. First, I wanted to continue to spread breast cancer awareness and education for my community. I also wanted to take time to honor the late Patricia Ragin, our first VIPink Member, and continue raising funds to assist her family. Lastly, I wanted to further spread awareness about The Pink List and our mission.”

Though the central theme of the event was to celebrate a family dealing with loss and giving back, there was tons of food and fun. Several vendors were in attendance. Women were coming together to learn about how to save themselves and the people that they love from breast cancer all while celebrating one another.

Bettis definitely has more events in store with The Pink List. The 2nd Annual Laugh for Charity will be held November 1.

To learn more about The Pink List, you can follow them on Twitter and Instagram

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  • Tracy

    Great event and amazing mission.

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