Meet Bria Renee

Bria Renee is a Multimedia Creative from Detroit, Michigan. Upon graduating from Specs Howard School of Media Arts in 2015, she was offered an internship at an international television station, where she vastly learned about television production. As she observed every role in television productions, she noticed that she was interested in them all and wanted to start her own show. Not knowing how or what she wanted her show to be about, she experienced a block that she later learned happened for her to learn her destiny.

After attempting entrepreneurship with a cleaning company, Bria wished that she had a strong support system of people who were experienced in entrepreneurship. Also, she noticed that she began to meet people who experienced the same hardships that she had faced while starting a business. Many of the successful that she had met shared a common theme of experiencing adversity that could have stopped them, but they ultimately persevered. After researching how many people give up after trying to chase their dreams. In 2016, she created The Bria Renee Show, a platform that highlights everyday superhumans that shatter glass ceilings unequivocally and unapologetically. The guests discuss important business practices, share career advice, as well as share their journey in its entirety. Because Bria knows that the journey to success has a few rough patches, she wants to keep her viewers inspired by promoting people who share their experiences.

Currently, Bria is studying Media Studies with a concentration of television production in Detroit, MI. Her main goal is to create an impactful platform through her love for creative digital content and conversation.

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