I Chose Entrepreneurship

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Recently I was fired from a job that I thought would be an ideal place for me to learn and grow. After hearing the words, “I’m sorry, but I gotta let you go,” I was searching for the sting that came with loss and rejection–but it never happened. Shockingly, I felt no sadness or anxiety about finding another job as soon as possible. I knew in my heart that I was forcing myself to embrace my work because it was the closest thing to working in my field that I could experience. However, the thought of taking on entrepreneurship full-time was unshakable.

I’ve worked countless, unfulfilling jobs and I’m guilty of sometimes only showing up to work for a paycheck. After noticing a pattern of working jobs that didn’t provide intrinsic value, I knew that I had to take things into my own hands. I wanted to do something that was not only in alignment with my passion, but I wanted to be impactful. Due to conditioning, I felt I HAD to get in where I fit in and learn while working my job. While working at an anxiety-inducing job for three years, I had a friend that would encourage me to take the energy that I put into these jobs into my own business. As wondrous as it sounded, I felt like I lacked the knowledge, experience, funds, connections, and equipment to start my own business. But a girl could dream, right?

When I would visualize myself living in my purpose, I saw myself glowing and thriving. Not only was I doing interviews and leading a team for content ideas, but I saw myself having influence and impact. I saw joy. I saw a glimpse of my destiny. And I felt it so profoundly that I knew that it wasn’t a fantasy. It even showed up in my dreams. I dreamt that Oprah was asking my opinion about how production should go. Yeah, it was a dream, but it was too vivid for it to be that simple. I felt that I needed to try it at least. But when? I had the basics: talent, a camera, and a few connections. But I felt I needed so much more.

After getting walked out of my job so they could get my parking badge back, I drove off. I took the long way home because I needed to process what I could do next. Do I apply for another job? Do I want to subject myself to insanity by doing the same thing and expecting a different result? No, I decided that moment that now was the perfect chance for me to taking on my business full-time. I felt that it was truly a blessing in disguise because the timing felt perfect. My heart was at peace. My soul screamed, “it’s time to take off, sis.” I had been working on my strategy and praying over my entrepreneurial journey for years. The time was now.

Was I prepared? No. Did I have the funds? No. But I literally had a dollar and dream. I’ve taken so many Ls that the potential of failing can’t shake me. I owe it to myself to at least say I tried instead of living my life wondering how it would go. I made that decision almost two weeks ago, and I will admit that this has been the most vulnerable that I’ve been in a very long time, but I am embracing the unknown. I know that I am doing all I can to succeed, and I have BIG faith that God will exceed my expectations.

Win, lose, or draw; this story is mine. I welcome it with arms wide open and eyes closed softly. I call this chapter “An Entrepreneurial Embrace.” Stay tuned to my story to see how it goes.

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