A Lituation: TwerkxTequila by Event Producer Lauren McGrier

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TwerkxTequila is a Detroit-based lituation that Event Producer, Lauren McGrier, has been curating for over a year. Under her brand, Connect with Lo, she planned the perfect function filled with nothing short of excellent vibes with great people and amazing music. From the tacos to the tequila, and most definitely the twerking, Lauren has begun a tradition in metro Detroit.

When I woke up Saturday, May 5, 2018, I felt all of the good mood vibes in the air. The day prior I felt the need to reach out to Lauren, to assist her with whatever she needed. When I arrived at the El Club, Lauren greeted me with a cool, and relaxed demeanor while delegating tasks and reviewing details of the event. From all of the attention that TwerkxTequila has been receiving from social media, you would expect one to fret over all of the details to make sure everything is perfect. Lauren did a few walkthroughs and made sure to add a few details in the El Club to make it feel as if the people would be walking into her domain.

McGrier is no rookie to executing and planning dope events, for she has been involved in coordinating Jerk and Jollof and the Brand the Vision Vision Board Party, both held in Detroit. Lauren has put in major footwork in event planning and assisting for the past 5 years. She wanted to create her own event that was a bit different from the metro Detroit party scene. “I love unique parties and functions where people can be themselves! Last year I was ready to get the ball rolling on throwing parties, but I was afraid. I wanted to throw something focused around women and touch the tequila market so the name “Twerk x Tequila” came about.” To the attendees of TwerkxTequila, everything seemed effortless, but the idea of her event required heavy consideration due to timing and fear. Lauren shared,”I worked on Twerk x Tequila for a year. Last year it did not work out because I was afraid, stressed out and dealing with a few of my family members passing away. This year everything worked in my favor. When the venue had the day open it made sense to get the ball rolling.”

Hosted by Detroit’s own, comedienne Delo Brown with sets from DJ Killa Squid, Kid McFly, and Sir Bleek, they had Southwest Detroit going all the way up. Remember, I arrived before the function. By the time everything was set up, and after eating a taco from the Good Food Truck, I blinked and the El Club was packed. It felt like a kickback with all of my cool ass cousins that I’ve never met. What’s TwerkxTequila without tequila? There was complimentary shots of Avion as well as Cabresto, a local tequila brand in Detroit. Another aspect that made this event amazing was that Lauren sought out help from the Community Health Awareness Group to provide free HIV testing on site.

The highlight of TwerkxTequila was the twerk contest sponsored by Wealthy Brand, Brooklyn Body Butter, and Chi Chi Beauty company. If you don’t believe me, watch the video below:

I asked Lauren if she expected to receive as much positive feedback as she did. She replied,”It was way more than expected. I have been looking at footage every day since the event. It was literally a perfect day. The weather was nice, and people came as they were. I did not stress about anything. The response post-event has been amazing, and people are ready for more.” She takes pride in throwing an event of that capacity. “It makes me ready for more. To see so many people come out and show support that day filled my heart with joy. I didn’t think I would sale as many pre-sale tickets as I did. And the response that day was crazy. I am thinking about producing another Twerk x Tequila this year.”

We can expect more from Lauren as she is working with APX Management and Big Mearl Records on Big Friends, a celebration of the release of rapper and producer Earlly Mac’s album on June 30. She also wants to do another event on July 4th. Be sure to connect with Lauren on Instagram at @connectwithlo to see what she’s cooking up next.


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